Soil/ Forage Testing

Soil testing is important to get the most out of your lawn, garden, landscape beds, or fruit tree planting area. Taking timely soil samples and then following the recommendations from the UT Soil, Pest, and Plant Center will enable your plants to grow and produce optimally. 

Published by: University of Tennessee Extension
Date Published: December 2017
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How To Get A Soil Sample

  • Collect a soil sample box from our office at 1398 Livingston Rd. Crossville, TN 38555
  • Fill the box with at least two cups of soil collected from several areas of the yard or garden. Dig down six inches for your sample.
  • Return the filled soil box to our for shipment. We ship samples every Friday.
  • Your soil will go through a nine-step process in the lab and will be checked for potassium, phosphorus and other elements.
  • Your report should arrive in a week or so by email or mail.
  • The report will make recommendations for amending the soil to give you a proper balance for a productive crop.


  • Soil tests are $20 a box.
  • We accept cash or check