4-H Youth Development

What is 4-H?

4-H is a unique educational program for students in elementary through high school. It encourages diverse groups of youth to develop their unique skills and talents to the fullest potential. As 4-H’ers, youth “Learn by Doing” and actively participate in hands-on activities, events and projects that develop and strengthen life skills. 4-H’ers can be involved in clubs, special interest groups, after-school programs, camps, and many more.

4-H is a family affair. This includes the parent-child relationship and the extended family of community and state. It is a unique blend of government, private business, and volunteers working together to broaden the horizons of Tennessee’s young people.

Although there are many common activities, each county in Tennessee has its own unique programs and areas of emphasis.


I pledge my Head to clearer thinking,

my Heart to greater loyalty,

my Hands to larger service,

and my Health to better living, for my club, my community, my country and my world

Who Are We?

Crystal Blankenship Profile Page
Crystal Blankenship
FR-Extension Agent III, Cumberland County
Responsible Area(s)
4-H Youth Development, Family and Consumer Sciences
Kelsey La Whitefield Profile Page
Kelsey La Whitefield
FR-Tsu-Extension Agent II, Cumberland County
Responsible Area(s)
4-H Youth Development
Taunee K Whittenbarger Profile Page
Taunee K Whittenbarger
Ext Agt III & County Director, Cumberland County
Responsible Area(s)
4-H Youth Development

For more information contact us at 931-484-6743