THDA First Time Home Buyers Class

First time home buyers can now get their certificates for THDA funds by attending our Certified Home Buying Training.  The home buying process can seem complicated, but if you take things step-by-step, you will soon be holding the keys to your own home.

This class is usually recommended for First Time Homebuyers and homebuyers who have not owned a home in the past three years.  Pre-purchase education provides general instruction to increase your knowledge and build new skills about home buying. Typical subjects include:

  • homeownership readiness and affordability
  • money and credit management
  • types of properties and financing available
  • purchase, mortgage, and closing processes
  • home maintenance and financial management after the sale

Clients will receive a Homebuyer manual developed by the Neighbor Works Center for Homeownership Education and Counseling, Realizing the American Dream and a personal copy of the Tennessee Housing Development Agency, Home Maintenance Guide.  All participants will receive a certificate of completion. To be able to qualify for many of the specialty THDA loans and USDA Rural Development loans, you are required to attend Homebuyer Education Training. 


At this time, we are not offering Homebuyer Education, but we plan to in the future.