Beef Cattle

Cumberland County Livestock Producers

Extension Agents and Specialists provide educational programs designed to improve the productivity of beef operations by minimizing input costs, maximizing forage/hay production, optimizing reproductive efficiency, improving herd management and marketing… all while promoting beef quality assurance, food safety and environmental stewardship.

Cumberland County is proud to have the longest running Livestock Producers Association in TN with 68 years. If you are interested in joining please contact our office at 931-484-6743.

Free Educational Programs

  • When: The 2nd Monday of each month
  • Time: 5:30
  • Location: Country Store at the UT-TSU Extension Office Cumberland County

Additional Programs/ Certifications

The mission of the Tennessee Cattlemen’s Association is to provide the cattle feeders and producers in the state of Tennessee with an organization through which they may function collectively to protect their interests and work toward the solution of cattle industry problems; and to build the necessary good-will that will bring both governmental and public esteem and recognition to the industry.

Beef Quality Assurance is sponsored by the Tennessee Cattleman’s Association to ensure that beef cattle in Tennessee are managed in a way that provides a better product. This program focuses on creating a healthy, wholesome product through training in areas such as transportation, vaccination, record keeping, and general care. BQA certification is required in order to attend Master Beef sessions and is required to apply for Tennessee Ag Enhancement funds.

BQA must be renewed every 3 years

The Tennessee Master Beef Producer Program is designed to provide targeted educational presentations and hands-on demonstrations for a broad scope of topic areas in beef cattle production. Our objective is to provide Tennessee cattle producers with information and experience that can improve profitability while simultaneously making more efficient and sustainable use of natural resources.

Benefits include networking opportunities with other producers, educators, researchers, and industry representatives. The Tennessee Department of Agriculture supports the Master Beef Producer Program and uses it as the educational component of its Agriculture Enhancement cost-share program. Upon completing the program requirements, graduates receive a farm sign, cap, and certificate.

Certification in this programs must be renewed every three years to remain eligible for Tennessee Ag Enhancement Program.

The Tennessee Agricultural Enhancement Program (TAEP) was established in 2005 to provide cost share dollars to agricultural producers for the purpose of making long-term investments in Tennessee farms and communities. Participation allows producers to maximize farm profits, adapt to changing market situations, improve operation safety, increase farm efficiency, and make a positive economic impact in their communities.


  • To be eligible, applicants must meet basic eligibility requirements that vary between sectors. For example, livestock producers must gain Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) certification prior to the application period and meet minimum livestock/acreage requirements for the program selected.  
  • All approved applicants gather 35% cost share and those that gain Master Certification prior to reimbursement qualify for 50% cost share
  • The annual application period is the beginning of October. 

New application materials will be available in our office starting mid-August.