4-H Honor Club

Honor Club Purpose

The 4-H Honor Club is statewide and was instituted to further 4-H Club work throughout the counties of Tennessee. Its chief purposes are to provide recognition primarily within the county to junior high 4-H Club members who have shown consistent leadership ability, and have been helpful members in their clubs and their communities and to encourage young people to continue their work in 4-H and their service to others.

TN 4-H Honor Club is the FIRST of three Recognitions that you can receive in 4-H. In order to become an Honor Club Member a 4-H Member must receive 200pts. Those 200pts come from his or her participation in 4-H on the local, county, region and state level. Points begin accumulating in the 4th grade. Typically by the time a 4-H Member is in the 6th or 7th grade, they will have received their points.


Members must be a junior high or senior 4-H member as of date of initiation.
Members must be enrolled in 4-H junior or teen leadership and serving as a junior or teen leader.


  1. Membership is open to any qualified junior high or senior member.
  2. Member must complete a Tennessee 4-H Honor Club application form.
  3. A score of 200 points is required before application for membership can be considered.
  4. Recommendations for membership shall be approved by the county Extension agents, then forwarded to the state 4-H office for final approval prior to the recognition ceremony at which time the Honor Club certificates are presented.

Jr. High Academic Conference

Junior High Academic Conference is an educational program on the campus of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Participants receive intensive training in their 4-H project areas under the supervision of university scientists and specialists and explore related career opportunities.

A 4-H Project Portfolio and Application are Required
Conference is held during June

If you are interested in working on completing your Honor Club Application, please fill out the form below and Ms. Taunee, will be happy to help you begin working on your application.

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