4-H Chick Chain

The Cumberland County Chick Chain is a poultry project where youth in grades 4th – 12th can receive 15 black sex link chicks to raise on your own. While the Chick Chain is very similar to other 4-H animal projects, requiring time, space, and money, it is inexpensive and “egg-citing.” This 4-H project is designed to teach youth about responsibility and good decision-making.  Each selected participant pays a deposit, receives brand new baby pullets (females), and is responsible for feeding, caring, and maintaining records on the pullets from the time they receive them in March until the Chick Chain Show and Sale in August.

Youth will receive the deposit and show premiums if five chicks are brought to the Chick Chain Show and Sale held at the Cumberland County Fair in August. You forfeit your deposit and any premium money if you do not show your pullets.

Sign-ups begin in January!